the end
The end single cover
Cover of the single
Mix Speaker's Inc.
Released 20/11/2013
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

the end is a song performed by Mix Speaker's, Inc. The title track is used as the opening song for the anime Koroshiya-san and the single was released on November 20, 2013.


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  1. the end
  2. 激情アナザー
  3. the end (Animation edit)
  4. the end (Instrumental)
  5. 激情アナザー (Instrumental)

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Koroshiya-san (TV 2013) Opening 【OP】 『the end』 by Mix Speaker's,Inc

Koroshiya-san (TV 2013) Opening 【OP】 『the end』 by Mix Speaker's,Inc.

Anime version

【PV】Mix Speaker's,Inc

【PV】Mix Speaker's,Inc.「the end」FULL

Full version